What is No Leaf Unturned?

No Leaf Unturned is a multi-year campaign to fund and build three new libraries for our community. The campaign is in response to the community’s growth and demand for library spaces and services, and is made possible by the community’s continued generosity and support.

Where will the three new libraries be located?

  • Douglas County Libraries in Castle Pines will move from 7437 Village Square Drive, #110, to 360 Village Square Lane, one block west of the current location.
  • Douglas County Libraries in Lone Tree will move from 8827 Lone Tree Parkway, to 10055 Library Way, east of the Lone Tree Arts Center.
  • Douglas County Libraries in Parker will move from 10851 S. Crossroads Drive, to 20105 East Mainstreet, 0.8 miles east of the current location.

Who is funding the project?

The library district is funding most of the overall project, dedicating revenues in reserves. Partners such as local municipalities, private donors and other corporate donors are also supporting this project.

How was the library district able to save enough money?

Despite the recent recession, property taxes have increased at an annual rate of 2.4% since 2007, while the County’s population has grown at an annual rate of 1.3% over the same period. This growth, along with sound fiscal management and increasing operating efficiencies, contributed to library savings, which are now sufficient for reinvestment back into our community.

Why build now?

This project allows for appropriate expansion in response to our growing community’s demand for adequate parking, meeting and study space, and increased library programs and services. It will also provide for adequate staff quarters, storage space and space for large author and community events.

How will the community be involved?

Douglas County Libraries is committed to ensuring as much community input and support as possible. In each community receiving a new library, we gathered feedback through focus groups, online surveys and events throughout the community. For more information or to give us your input, visit with any library staff member, or check this website for updated information.

What will the new libraries look like?

Together with our partners, Studiotrope Design Collective, Anderson Mason Dale Architects and Fransen Pittman General Contractors, we will incorporate the community’s input into flexible new spaces and adequate parking, to allow for the best delivery of library services. New library plans include:

  • Parker: a two-story, 42,000 square-foot library with more than 150 parking spaces
  • Castle Pines: a two-story, 13,000 square-foot library with 44 parking spaces
  • Lone Tree: a two-story, 25,000 square-foot library with 82 parking spaces

Will there be more materials?

Yes, new and bigger spaces will allow us to increase our collections to further meet the needs of our community.

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