What is the building timeline?

Building details and timelines have yet to be finalized, but Douglas County Libraries and the City Castle of Pines are already beginning to work on this exciting project. An RFP for architects will be sent out in late 2013; simultaneously, community surveys and outreach will be conducted in the remaining months of 2013 and early 2014, for insight into what the community wants in its library. A groundbreaking date is yet to be determined.

What has happened with the dollars the Castle Pines community has been raising for the last several years?

It was used for rent and common area maintenance.

Why did the community raise money if the library had a savings for building projects?

We tightened our belts, cut costs, instituted a hiring freeze and began saving after the lost 2008 election for new buildings. In the meantime, the community promised to help pay for operations if DCL opened a storefront library in Castle Pines.