The Need for New Libraries

Douglas County Libraries in Parker, Castle Pines and Lone Tree do not currently meet the needs of their growing populations and communities. None has enough space to offer the full spectrum of library services its community demands. Current libraries in these communities are plagued with inadequate parking and meeting spaces for community use, and they do not offer flexible space, therefore limiting the number and diversity of programs the library can offer.

Financial and Funding Summary

Through reinvestment of library savings and an active fundraising campaign, Douglas County Libraries hopes to build three new libraries in our community without asking citizens for support through tax increases.

Douglas County Libraries will be the main contributor, dedicating revenues in reserves to help fund the project. Partners such as local municipalities, private donors and other corporate donors will also help support the funding of this project.

Since 2007, library property-tax revenue has grown at an annual rate of 2.4% and the County’s population has grown at an annual rate of 1.3%. This growth, along with sound fiscal management and increasing efficiencies in operating procedures, has allowed the library district to save amounts suitable for reinvestment back into our community. We can now respond to citizens’ demands, and thank them for their continued patronage and use of the library district.

Community Input and Support

Douglas County Libraries is committed to ensuring as much community input and support as possible. Members of the community are invited to be involved with this campaign every step of the way. We will host focus groups, online surveys and small gatherings throughout the campaign to gain essential citizen feedback. In addition to these formal efforts, we will have a presence at community events where we will distribute information and collect informal feedback.

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